Why we are the best homeopathy Doctor in Ahmedabad?


Currently I make individual therapy with teens and adults, couples therapy and family therapy and founder of Manakriti Clinic and Homeopathy doctor in Ahmedabad. In earlier stages I have gained tremendous clinical experience and success in treating acute & chronic diseases/condition with classical homeopathy.


* I care and establish a relationship of unconditional support, absent judgment with my patients.
* I create a climate of trust, acceptance and confidentiality where patients feel comfortable expressing their problems and emotions, getting adequate therapeutic relationship to achieve good results.
* I consider the various problems as basically learned a result of the various factors that have influenced the history of each person, taking into account biological and social factors.
* My goal of clinical practice is to restore the disease condition of the individual to health as fast as I can with less cost.
* To get a better understanding of yourself, understanding how your emotions, thoughts and behaviors are interrelated and shape your mind and your diease state
* When you are not into your high state of health I help you to know how to deal with your problems, and how to learn appropriate strategies to control your negative emotions.
* To improve your ability to make decisions and gain a healthy self-esteem that will allow you to relate better.

                              Why we are the best homeopathy Doctor in Ahmedabad?

                                   Low Cost homeopathy/Low Cost homeopathic Treatment

We offer a bonus of follow up sessions in Ahmedabad that allows you to save 30% or 40% of the cost (depending on whether individual treatment  or couples treatment), making you get a very cheap price per session. We provide quality homeopathic treatment for your pocket. The Manakriti Clinic was created with the idea of giving quality and excellence services to individuals and entities seeking to improve their health physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and improve their performance, change aspects of their performance and / or increase their personal satisfaction with life.

Our services are primarily aimed at higher yields in different areas (personal, professional, athletic, artistic, etc.) through different techniques ie with homeopathic treatment, counseling, intervention and training.

For this, we continue our fundamental premise: “Develop your talent, your problems become challenges.”

For further details contact: 9377442021
Timing: Monday – Saturday 11 am – 8pm
Log on to: info@manakriticlinic.c om

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