When do I require psychologica counselling?

Dr Lohit Balani Clinical Psychologist & Past life regression Therapist, Manakriti Clinic

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For many , leading a stressful life has resulted in a num ber of psychological and health issues. In order to reduce stress and balance between work and personal life, one may require psychological counselling. Such counselling is based on utilizing scientific methods, including diagnosis of the problem and resolving issues through various counseling techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy , cognitive drill therapy (for OCD and phobia), and regression therapy among many more.

When do I require psychologica counselling?
When anxiety , stress, tension excessive fear, low mood, loss of interest, migraines, insomnia loss of appetite etc. starts disturb ing our life, we must consult a clinical psychologist. The inter vention of psychological coun selling can help you handle these aptly through scientifically evolved guidance.

What if the advice given by psychologist is not useful?
Psychologists don’t give advice! They are experts who listen to your problem neutrally , while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. They provide you an overview of your core problems with the available options that you can choose from at your convenience and understanding to resolve. those troubling issues.

Do I need medication for every psychological problem?
It depends on the severity of the problem. If diagnosed early , then many people do get out of it with the only help of psychological counselling without medication.If needed, Manakriti Clinic also provides medication for core problems.

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