What is the difference between mental disorder and psychological issues?

Manakriti ClinicWhat is the difference between mental disorder and psychological issues?
Mental disorder consists of specific set of clinical symptoms. Like in schizophrenia, there are symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, lack of touch with reality etc. Here, proper medication is required along with psychological intervention like psychological testing for proper diagnosis and psychotherapies. While in psychological issues generally one or two prominent symptoms are there like anxiety, phobia, stress, OCD, sleep disorders etc.. which can be cured through psychological counseling.

Are anxiety and stress the cause for mental disorder?
These two are the basic causes for most mental disorders and they can surely lead to creating psychological disturbances. It should be taken into account immediately so that it doesn’t take form of serious mental health disorders.

Is medication compulsory in mental disorders?
It depends on the condition and severity of the problem. The medication differs from person to person. These days more people are turning to homeopathic medicines as they don’t have any side effects and don’t cause any dependency giving great results in many mental disorders.

Should we consider the online diagnosis according to our symptoms?
People are more and more dependent on online information. But due to excess information and lack of background knowledge in mental health, most people get confused regarding their condition. In some cases, people come with their own diagnosis which is not right most of the times, so proper consultation should be done with the expert for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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