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Today, from a school going child to a retired person, you can hear the term Stress & Tension from their mouth at least once in a day. This has become a common problem faced by almost everyone. Taking excessive Stress/ tension has become part of the life style and our personality, we suffer from this but we fail to understand the basic fundaments of stress & tension, which can lead to many disorders like –

1. Headache
2. Insomnia
3. Loss of appetite or over eating (binge eating)
4. Depression
5. Blood pressure
6. Anxiety disorders
7. Depression
8. And most of the disorders you can think of.

We focus on the disorder but we forget to focus on the core issue which is stress/tension in most of the cases. It’s a set norm that in order to survive we should take stress/tension, in order to achieve something we should take stress & tension. But its other way around, when we take stress & tension our overall functioning deteriorates and we achieve less than what we are supposed to. We should understand that it is not compulsory to take stress/tension in our life as it has only negative effect in our body & mind.

The excessive stress & tension is a matter of professional intervention & can be reduced and treated with help of skilled Clinical Psychologist.

Manakriti Clinic has vast experience in treating people suffering from excessive stress & tension.

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