Psychological Issue – Article Times Of India By Mr. Lohit Balani

Manakriti ClinicI am a 35 year old married male with a middle management job. I always feel tired, low and frustrated. Do I have any psychological issue?
The symptoms indicate issue of stress. It may be due to a faulty lifestyle, maladaptive behavior responses, lack of motivation etc. But understand that if someone gets a fracture in left hand, it only means that a part of the body is affected, just like in your case only part of mental functioning is disrupted, which can be cured through psychological intervention.
I am a parent of two children, a girl and a boy; we are worried because of their mobile and internet addiction and games like Blue Whale are creating more fear. What should we do?
Prevention is better than cure. These days most families are nuclear and both parents work and often get less time to interact with their children and thus get dependent on technology to be in touch. Due to this lack of human touch, children feel lonely and depressed. Hence, the vulnerability required to include in games like blue whale. So we should ensure that they don’t feel lonely and depresses and make them aware about the importance of life. And if we feel the need of professional help, don’t hesitate, do it immediately.
I am a 60 year old female, with two kids who are married and both live abroad. I am alone and feel sad all the time, as they visit rarely and we can’t adjust over there. What should I do?
It’s a conflict where both the variables are difficult. In situations like this we have to see which one is less difficult and has to adjust in that situation gracefully. Sometimes people do seek professional help to improve their adjustment skills.

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