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Myth 1- During homeoathic treatment tea ,coffee,garlic,onion, ginger can not be taken
Fact -There is ‘’no’’ diet restriction comes with homeopathic treatment ,medicines can be taken 1/2 before or after the food

Myth 2- Homeoapthy is slow
Fact- Homeopathy action is so fast that it starts acting by just taking the first dose on your tougue

Myth 3- Homeopathy takes long time to cure disease
Fact- Usually patient comes to avail homeopathic medicines after its long duraton, chronicity of problems, after
side effects of other pathies thats why in such cases time is needed to heal the patient

Myth 4- Homeopathy is not science and has no scietific basis
Fact- Homeopathy’s origin is from germany and is very popular in europe, asia , africa and other parts of world

Homeopathy and its results are scientific and can be explained by nanoparticles scientific concept.