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  • Manakriti clinic has upgraded the general treatment for you to experience..!

    Manakriti clinic has a vision to treat people suffering from any physical or mental health related issues with compassion and care. With use of latest technology and high quality medicines, a doctor who has experience can bring out your wellbeing in the best possible ways. Manakriti clinic is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, but is actively

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  • What is the difference between mental disorder and psychological issues?

    What is the difference between mental disorder and psychological issues? Mental disorder consists of specific set of clinical symptoms. Like in schizophrenia, there are symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, lack of touch with reality etc. Here, proper medication is required along with psychological intervention like psychological testing for proper diagnosis and psychotherapies. While in psychological issues

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  • Psychological Issue – Article Times Of India By Mr. Lohit Balani

    I am a 35 year old married male with a middle management job. I always feel tired, low and frustrated. Do I have any psychological issue? The symptoms indicate issue of stress. It may be due to a faulty lifestyle, maladaptive behavior responses, lack of motivation etc. But understand that if someone gets a fracture

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  • Do you quiver with fear about anything not related to real-life?

    Do you quiver with fear about anything not related to real-life? Do you feel strong connection between a stranger or an unseen place? Have you experienced anytime the place or situation is familiar and has already happened? Past Life Regression has all the answers to these questions… I’m 35 years old married femal, I feel

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  • Ask The Experts

    Homeopathic medicines are prescribed by taking an individual case history. It is tailor made treatment. This is uniqueness of homoeopathy, it does not have any side effects and does not interfere with any other medicines. I have psoriasis and my husband has hair fall and this season our problem has been worse. Please help. Hair

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  • When do I require psychologica counselling?

    Dr Lohit Balani Clinical Psychologist & Past life regression Therapist, Manakriti Clinic For many , leading a stressful life has resulted in a num ber of psychological and health issues. In order to reduce stress and balance between work and personal life, one may require psychological counselling. Such counselling is based on utilizing scientific methods,

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  • Homeopathy For Psychological Problems

    All of the psychological problems are divided into two main categories – 1. Neurosis – where only a part of personality is distorted (90% of people suffering from psychological disorder falls into this category) & 2. Psychosis – where the whole personality is distorted (10% of people falls into this category consists of disorders like

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    Today, from a school going child to a retired person, you can hear the term Stress & Tension from their mouth at least once in a day. This has become a common problem faced by almost everyone. Taking excessive Stress/ tension has become part of the life style and our personality, we suffer from this

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    Most of us usually experience low at some point in our life, but when it affects quality of life then certainly it requires proper treatment & counseling. Generally, people suffering from depression don’t seek help on their own, so it’s the moral responsibility of their family, relatives & friends to seek professional help for their

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    Anxiety is most common cause of most of the psychological disorders. Everyone experiences anxiety – a diffuse, unpleasant & vague sense of apprehension at some point in their life. Up to a limit anxiety helps to perform better or works as a motivator to acquire new skills. But after a limit it disturbs the overall

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