Manakriti clinic has upgraded the general treatment for you to experience..!

Manakriti ClinicManakriti clinic has a vision to treat people suffering from any physical or mental health related issues with compassion and care. With use of latest technology and high quality medicines, a doctor who has experience can bring out your wellbeing in the best possible ways. Manakriti clinic is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, but is actively connected to the globe online. The awareness of homeopathy is constantly rising, as the results are promising and medicines do not cause any side effects.

Manakriti clinic has upgraded the general treatment for you to experience.

* Increasing the doctor-patient interaction through detailed case history taking, which help the patients to understand their illness (severity of their illness) along with prognosis (time required to cure their illness)

* Using latest instruments to diagnose the problem

* Using latest software to identify the perfect course of medicines

* Ergonomically packed medicines. Manakriti clinic provides blister packed medicines, which is much safer and easier to use.

* Genuinely caring and professional help desk to assist and maintain the regularity of patient’s appointments

* Personalized diet chart for the patients

* Low cost and easy payment solutions for the treatment

The unique attribute of Manakriti clinic which makes it stand out in the crowd is because of treating A-Z physical ailments with advanced homeopathy. It has a specialized section to deal with treatment of mental ailments and aesthetics (section for hair growth and face glow). With achieving a striking success rate in treating various illnesses, today, Manakriti clinic is treating patients from across 35 countries like U.S.A, U.K, Dubai, Scotland, Italy, France, China, South Africa, Singapore, etc.

Manakriti clinic was founded By Dr. Shalini Israni (consulting homeopathic physician, tricologist), practicing since last 18 yrs. She is one of the experts in practicing classical homeopathy, which is one of the effective and complete solution in curing the patient.

Homeopathy patients can now know more about the benefits of Homeopathy as Manakriti has launched their android app, Manakriti Clinic.
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Timing: Monday – Saturday 11am – 8pm
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