Homeopathy For Psychological Problems

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All of the psychological problems are divided into two main categories – 1. Neurosis – where only a part of personality is distorted (90% of people suffering from psychological disorder falls into this category) & 2. Psychosis – where the whole personality is distorted (10% of people falls into this category consists of disorders like schizophrenia & bipolar disorder).

Now we can see that in the definition the term Personality contains significant importance in categorization. As in the Classical Homeopathy, the medication is given on the basis of personality combining with physical symptoms. For example if two different persons are suffering from common cold then two different medications will be affective for their treatment, which will be based on their personality. This seems to be the best way to enhance self immune system which is trained to achieve balance in both physical as well as mental level.

In house results are showing the significant improvement on people combining psychological therapies with advanced homeopathy for the treatment of any psychological disorder.
Manakriti clinic is giving best results with combination therapies in following psychological ailments –

1. Migrains / headaches
2. Anxiety
3. Stress
4. Insomnia/ sleep disorders
5. Depression
6. Obsessive – compulsive disorder
7. Phobias
8. Post traumatic stress disorder
9. Generalized anxiety disorder
10. Lack of concentration

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