For those who have tried various modes of treatments, but never found desirable results, can find a new ray of hope through Homeopathy.

Manakriti Clinic

Tell us something about your clinic?

Manakriti Clinic believes in changing lives of people by giving them world class treatment, striking success rate, whilst providing with personalized treatment to every patient.

Which ailments can be treated through Homeopathy?

Ailments such as acne, varied allergies, asthma, hair and skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, lichen planus etc, joint pains, gout, diabetes, thyroid problem, recurrent cold and cough, tonsillitis, bed wetting, children, women ailments and several other acute and chronic health issues can be cured, our in house clinic psychologist also helps in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, phobias, relationship problems, combating stress and other life style issues.

What is your take on the myths prevalent about homeopathy?

Although people believe that Homeopathy treatments taken time to show results, but it actually provides quick relief. Homeopathy never aggravates the disease, nor has any side effects. And these medicines can be taken along with other medicines.

Why should one embrace Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the safest and secure way of treatment so embrace it for a healthy mind and body.

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