There is significant difference between fear & phobia. Fear is generally response to actual danger whereas phobia is irrelevant & excessive fear of any object, living thing or situation. We can make out that in some manner fear leads to phobia which is an actual psychological disorder. So that if can manage our fears in initial level, when its growing into troublesome issue then it’s less complicated and easy to resolve. But let me tell you that fear is positive as well as negative, for example – if you are in danger and you fell fear it will help you to either escape the situation or will help you to face the situation. Another example of positive fear is, before exams most of the students face some intensity of fear which leads them to study & perform. On the other hand negative fears are created by our mind. And the significant part is “it’s always related to future”. Negative thoughts like what will happen in my carrier, what if something bad will happen in my life etc. You will notice that all these thoughts have future tense.

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When we talk about phobias they always have some base underlying fear which is mostly unknown by the person who is having phobia. They feel that they have fear of say some social situation but on probing there is always a very deep underlying fear of something totally different than the before said or believed fear.

To overcome these fears & phobias many psychological therapies are available which are scientifically proven. But the latest therapy which is making its mark in treating this particular issue is known as Cognitive Drill Therapy. This therapy is based on Classical Conditioning, today it’s the most effective and provides long lasting effects in short span of time as compared to other therapies like Systematic Desensitization Therapy.

Manakriti Clinic, which is located in the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat has professionals who are trained in giving effective therapies for fear & phobias as well as other psychological issues.

Homeopathy patients can now know more about the benefits of Homeopathy as Manakriti has launched their android app, Manakriti Clinic.

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