Do you quiver with fear about anything not related to real-life?

Do you quiver with fear about anything not related to real-life? Do you feel strong connection between a stranger or an unseen place? Have you experienced anytime the place or situation is familiar and has already happened? Past Life Regression has all the answers to these questions…

I’m 35 years old married femal, I feel strong connection with another male, though I don’t want to cheat and hamper my married life? What should I do?
We all are form of energy who have travelled throught many lives. In other lives you might have met many people and many have some remaining unresolved karmic balances. Past life regression helps you to be aware about that karma and therapy sessions help you resolve that karmic due while maintaining your morality.

I’m 25 years old, born and brought up in London. I never visited India. but I feel connection with India, particularly temples. Can I undergo past life therapy?
Yes, you can experience past life regression through which you can gain awareness of when you took birth in India, what actually happened then that connects you with temples. Experiencing what you went through, satisfies your curiosity and uplifts your spiritual awareness.

I am 24 years old guy, I have phobia of water. I can’t go for swimming or go near a sea shore. Please guide.
This is basically known as aquaphobia. Like other phobias, there might be a chance that the origin of the fear roots to one of the past lives. Again, experiencing the whole situation of the relevant past-life can lead towards reducing the fear of water up to an extent.

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