Do you need psychological guidance?

Do you need psychological guidance? Are you searching psychologist in Ahmedabad? Then your search end here. Here we have solution for your all kind of needs.

Initiating treatment with psychological counseling is a smart move that will surely benefit their health; however, it is very important to learn to choose a qualified specialist in this therapeutic system. Psychological counseling is a therapeutic method to naturally strengthening ones positive cognitive (thought pattern) as well as emotional status which leads to desired positive mental health. Psychological counseling methods have no contraindications and side effects and can be administered to any person suffering from mild to severe psychological problem. Psychological counseling can solve a large number of diseases both acute and chronic, such as anxiety, stress, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, conflicts, insomnia (sleep difficulties) etc with keeping ethics like confidentiality & unconditioned positive regard in practice. So the scope psychology is vast and well known

Nevertheless, says Mr. Lohit Balani (well known Clinical Psychologist in Ahmedabad) “There are many people who have prejudices towards our discipline due to the existence of charlatans, people who seek to address diseases without proper preparation and that make patients think that psychological counseling does not work or is false.”
Our Clinic is situated at Ahmedabad, for Integrative Medicine, working with treatments and diagnoses that avoid the side effects in the patient, while very effective in health problems. A preventive medicine, with diagnostic methods that handle detects abnormalities in patients at an early stage, even before the disease manifests.
In our Counseling practice we consider the human being in all its dimensions: physical, mental and spiritual and thought no diseases but sick. Since naturopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy, as an Integrative Medicine, can contribute effectively to keep or recover health while developing a preventive medicine.

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