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Most of us usually experience low at some point in our life, but when it affects quality of life then certainly it requires proper treatment & counseling. Generally, people suffering from depression don’t seek help on their own, so it’s the moral responsibility of their family, relatives & friends to seek professional help for their wellbeing. Low mood mainly characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feeling of guilt or low self worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, feelings of tiredness & poor concentration lasts for longer than three months professional overview is recommended. The severity of depression is divided into three categories – mild, moderate & severe. If detected in early stage like any other disorder the patient can get desired result through Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Due to increasing complexity of our day to day life, people are falling into depression which is a serious psychological disorder need to be treated as soon as possible. As indicated earlier, family members shouldn’t wait for long as they tend to think it will be treated automatically without any professional help, but in most of these cases professional help is a must.

Manakriti Clinic provides effective treatment for Depression & other mood disorders.

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