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    Mr. Lohit Balani (P.G.A.D.C.P., AGRA) Psychologist (Past Life Regression Therapist) POWER OF THOUGHTS – “WE CREATE ALL OF THEM” Recent Researches Have Shown That 75-98% Of Mental & Physical Illnesses Come From Our Own Thoughts. We Create Single, Group or Combination Of Thoughts Throughout Our Life With Help Of Learning’s, Perspectives, Beliefs & Surroundings. Sometimes

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    There is significant difference between fear & phobia. Fear is generally response to actual danger whereas phobia is irrelevant & excessive fear of any object, living thing or situation. We can make out that in some manner fear leads to phobia which is an actual psychological disorder. So that if can manage our fears in

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  • What is Psoriasis? & What are its symptoms and types?

    Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition which is characterized by skin cells that multiply up to 5-10 times faster than the normal, characterized by red plaques covered with white dandruff like scales. What are its symptoms and types? • Plaque psoriasis • Plaques of red skin with loose, silver-colored scales; may be itchy and painful.

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  • For those who have tried various modes of treatments, but never found desirable results, can find a new ray of hope through Homeopathy.

    Tell us something about your clinic? Manakriti Clinic believes in changing lives of people by giving them world class treatment, striking success rate, whilst providing with personalized treatment to every patient. Which ailments can be treated through Homeopathy? Ailments such as acne, varied allergies, asthma, hair and skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, lichen planus

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  • What is allergic rhinitis?

    Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, is a type of inflammation in the nose which occurs when the immune system overreacts to air allergens. What are signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis? It includes rhinorrhea (excess nasal secretion), itching, sneezing fits, nasal dripping of watery fluid, nasal congestion and obstruction. Characteristic physical findings include

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  • Are there any dietary restrictions while consuming homeopathy medicines?

    There aren’t any dietary restrictions whilst undertaking homeopathy medicines, unless it is any specific disease related. One can take these medicines an hour before or after meals as suggested. Why do all the medicines look alike? There are around 3000 homeopathic medicines taken from plants and other minerals, which are then formed into small sweet

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  • What are the causes of Hair Loss?

    There are approximately 40 of hair loss. Hair loss happens after body stress, prolonged illness, major surgery, infection, post pregnancy, thyroid or nutritional deficiency. Other reasons for hair loss are fungal infection, autoimmune diseases, faulty hairdressing techniques (tight braiding) hair exposed to extreme heat (curling iron or hot rollers) or strong chemicals (bleaching, hair coloring

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  • Why should you go to Psychologist and get psychological treatment?

    Therapies by best Psychologist in Ahmedabad Mr. Lohit Balani, the best psychologist in Ahmedabad explains how to treat with patients and their work scenario; we are working with clinical evidence-based psychology and cognitive and behavioral techniques specific to the clinical setting, along with the latest developments. The main aim of is to provide the patient

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  • Get the best past life regression treatment from the best therapist in Ahmedabad

    With Manakriti Clinic you can go back to an episode of our adolescence, childhood/infancy or even past life, emotionally and fix it back to the state. It is called regressive because back to previous experiences to heal emotions and experiences. Advantages of Past Life Regression: Behavioral cycles – Viewing cycles and behavior patterns that reoccur

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  • Why we are the best homeopathy Doctor in Ahmedabad?

    WHO I AM Currently I make individual therapy with teens and adults, couples therapy and family therapy and founder of Manakriti Clinic and Homeopathy doctor in Ahmedabad. In earlier stages I have gained tremendous clinical experience and success in treating acute & chronic diseases/condition with classical homeopathy. HOW I WORK AS HOMEOPETHY DR.? * I

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