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Homeopathic medicines are prescribed by taking an individual case history. It is tailor made treatment. This is uniqueness of homoeopathy, it does not have any side effects and does not interfere with any other medicines.

I have psoriasis and my husband has hair fall and this season our problem has been worse. Please help.

Hair fall increases during rainy and winter season. For psoriasis keep the skin moisturized. Don’t let it dry, eat healthy and expose your skin to early morning sunlight. Some homeopathic medicines for hair fall are Thuja, AC-Phos and for psoriasis, Mez Nat Mur etc.

I have severe itching, particularly hands and legs after which skin becomes red and swells. This problem is persistent since five years. The condition becomes better only temporarily whenever I take medicines. Please help.

Provisional diagnosis is urticaria, as the skin gets oversensitive, it reacts to allergies around. Avoid foods that cause this problem. Use mild soap, keep the skin moisturized. Apis, Urtica Urens, Nat Mur are some medicines in homeopathy that can provide relief.

I have piles prolem since three years. What do i do?

Constipation usually aggaravates piles. Take care of your diet by avoiding spicy and fried food, take more fibers and salads. Consume lots of water. Some suggested homeopathic medicines are Nit-Acid, Sil etc.

(Please note:- Homeopathic medicines guided here can be taken only after consulting homeopathic physician)

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