Are there any dietary restrictions while consuming homeopathy medicines?

There aren’t any dietary restrictions whilst undertaking homeopathy medicines, unless it is any specific disease related. One can take these medicines an hour before or after meals as suggested.

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Why do all the medicines look alike?

There are around 3000 homeopathic medicines taken from plants and other minerals, which are then formed into small sweet pills, so as it is easily consumable. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also recognized homeopathy as an accepted system of medicine. Trials are conducted on these medicines before being tested okay. They are popular in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Can these medicines be taken along with other medicines?

Yes, as they don’t interfere with the effects of other medicines. However, keep a gap of at least an hour before taking any food or medicines, when mixing two medicines.

As these medicines are sweet, can they be taken by diabetic patients?

These pills are safe for diabetic patients, as they are made of sucrose or lactose, which are present in minor level. This does not increase the blood sugar level, hence it is safe. One can also ask the prescribed medicines in liquid form.

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