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Anxiety is most common cause of most of the psychological disorders. Everyone experiences anxiety – a diffuse, unpleasant & vague sense of apprehension at some point in their life. Up to a limit anxiety helps to perform better or works as a motivator to acquire new skills. But after a limit it disturbs the overall functioning. So when anxiety starts to disrupt personal, social or occupational area, professional intervention is required as this anxiety can lead to following psychological disorder –

1. Phobia (irrational & excessive fear of an object, animal or situation)
2. Panic disorder
3. Obsessive – compulsive disorder (OCD)
4. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

Most of the times for general people, it is difficult to distinguish between normal behavior and psychological disorder as the disturbances occurs in mild, moderate severity, but when its left untreated for longer period the severity increases and takes form of proper disorder. In anxiety disorders – a part of personality is distorted where the suffering person can perform most of his/her day to day routine but with discomfort and problem in particular area, which can be modified/ treated with the help of counseling and psychotherapy provided by skilled Clinical Psychologist.

Manakriti Clinic has expertise in treating all kind of anxiety disorders.

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